Über mich
About myself
Kessels Altona

Prof. Günther Oestmann, PhD

1959 born in Bremen.


197982 Apprenticeship, qualification as a watch- and clockmaker.


19831990 Student at Tübingen and Hamburg University (History of Science, History of Art, General History).


1992 PhD (thesis on the astronomical clock of Starsbourg Cathedral, awarded with the Philipp-Matthäus-Hahn-Prize in 1993).


19921994 Assistant curator (Württembergisches Landesmuseum, Stuttgart).

1996 Assistant curator at the cabinet of engravings of the Kunsthalle Bremen.


19962002 Scientific assistant at the Institute for the History of Science, Mathematics and Technology at Hamburg University.


2001 Habilitation at the Institute for the History of Science at Hamburg University , appointment as a lecturer.

2002 Master craftsman's diploma (Federal Technical College for Clock- and Watchmakers in Karlstein/Austria).


20042006 Research grant (Project The Art of Navigation: Development, Contents and Organization of Navigational Teaching in Germany to 1871.


2006 Curator, Maritime Collection (Deutsches Museum, Munich).


2009 Visiting professor (Technical University, Berlin).

Since 2010 University lecturer (Technical University, Berlin).

–2012 Research associate at the German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven (Project: „En route to the 'German Chronometer': The Introduction of Precision Timekeeping in the German Mercantile Marine and Imperial Navy in the 19 th century).

2013 Award of the „Prix Gaïa” (category history/research) of the Musée International d’Horlogerie (La Chaux-de-Fonds).

2014 Election as corresponding member of the International Academy of the History of Science (Paris).

2017 appointment as extraordinary professor for history of science at Technical University Berlin.